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About Zanzibar Horse Club

The stables started with 3 beautiful horses of Arabian/Somali mix called Lu Lu, Crumble and Bob. All 3 of the horses spent 6 months training, eating and relaxing before welcoming guests. Since then, the horses have proven to be popular with guests, settled in and become part of the family.

Since then, we’ve had a further 5 horses join the stables - 2 Appaloosas, 2 mixed Australia / thoroughbreds and an Arabian (Willow, Oreo, Sultan Buzz & Safari) and our family continues to grow, in Summer 2021 we are expecting our 2 final additions - Spirit, a pinto pony and Moon, a grey thoroughbred mix.

Our Nungwi stables are open most of the year, except for the months of April and May when the horses are moved to our Kidoti farm to rest and graze in the paddocks.

Also, at Kidoti farm we have several donkeys and horses - either being trained for future riding or retired rescue horses. We are also running a small breeding programme for the Appaloosa horse breed.

We offer a variety of accompanied rides to suit all tastes; beach rides both in the morning and evening including sunset, swimming with horses, cultural rides in Nungwi village.   However, all our rides are dependent on the tides, so for example we don’t ride at high tide but this is a great time to swim with the horses.

Coming soon in Autumn 2021, we will offer our longest trail. A 2 hour & a 4-hour circuit from Nungwi to Kidoti Village covering 8km of beaches, isolated villages and rural farmland - a truly unique experience of Zanzibar, taking you off the beaten track.

Furthermore, we are in discussion with the Government of Zanzibar regarding access to the island’s largest national park, Kichwele Forest Reserve. Offering more trails through this amazing forest, teeming with native wildlife - monkeys, bush babies, dik diks and more.

All our beach rides take place on the Northern Nungwi beaches, consistently voted a top 10 beach in the world and our evening rides take in the amazing sunset. 

Feel free to stop by and see our stables and meet the horses. We are situated opposite the rear entrance to the Z hotel on Rear Village Road.  10% of all our profits are donated to Zaaso – a donation-based horse and donkey sanctuary who also provide general animal clinic services. also provide general animal clinic services.

Our Horses


Willow is a young, tall 16’2 hands 5 year old appaloosa gelding who joined the stables in October 2019.

Meet Willow


Safari is a 6 year old medium sized horse. He is the full brother of Buzz. Safari joined the Zanzibar horse club in October 2020

Meet Safari


Sultan is an Arabian horse and at 4 years old is the youngest and naughtiest horse in the stable.

Meet Sultan


At just under 5 years old he is also a young chap but has been under saddle for at least a year and is an excellent horse to ride.

Meet Orea


Bob is a 7-year-old gelding and stands at around 14’2 hands; he was one of the 3 founding horses at the Zanzibar Horse Club.

Meet Bob

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