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Meet Orea

Oreo, who was one of our first horses to arrive from South Africa, is a black spotted Appaloosa gelding who stands at around 16 hands. At just under 8 years old he is also a young chap but has been under saddle for at least 3 years and is an excellent horse to ride. Oreo loves trotting and is very comfortable.

Like Last Eagle, he is strong and can carry guests up to 95 kilos. Due to his beautiful coat and gentle nature Oreo is fast becoming a favourite with guests and the local children alike.

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Meet the other horses


Willow is a young, tall 16’2 hands 5 year old appaloosa gelding who joined the stables in October 2019.

Meet Willow


Safari is a 6 year old medium sized horse. He is the full brother of Buzz. Safari joined the Zanzibar horse club in October 2020

Meet Safari


Sultan is an Arabian horse and at 4 years old is the youngest and naughtiest horse in the stable.

Meet Sultan


Bob is a 7-year-old gelding and stands at around 14’2 hands; he was one of the 3 founding horses at the Zanzibar Horse Club.

Meet Bob


Buzz is an 8-year-old gelding, he was bought from a stable on mainland. He is a fast horse that loves to gallop and is amongst one of our guest’s favourite horses.

Meet Buzz


Crumble is an 8-year-old gelding and is the oldest horse in the stables. He is a beautiful Grey with a black mane.

Meet Crumble

Lu Lu

Lu Lu is a 8-year-old mare and is the “Princess of the stables”. She is a strong, reliable horse, although can sometimes be a bit lazy.

Meet Lu lu

Last Eagle

Last Eagle arrived from South Africa with Oreo and Sultan in October 2019 is a 9-year old brown spotted Appaloosa gelding.

Meet Last Eagle